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Your Trusted Source for Masonry Services in Chicago, IL

Improve the appearance and utility of your outdoor space by using Ben G Landscaping’s top masonry services in Chicago, IL. Our skilled team of artisans blends traditional techniques with new methods to design impressive masonry features that increase the value and beauty of your home. 

If you’re looking to build a beautiful patio, a sturdy wall to reclaim your property, or even an attractive walkway, we have the knowledge to bring your dream to reality.

Why Choose Ben G Landscaping for Your Masonry Needs?

Skilled craftsmanship

We appreciate our utmost focus on detail and dedication to the highest quality of workmanship. Our team of masons is made up of highly skilled craftsmen with decades and years of expertise in this field. They ensure that each project is finished to the highest standard of quality.

Customized solutions 

We recognize that each home is different, which is why we offer designs for masonry services in Chicago, IL, that are tailored to your particular requirements and preferences. If you’re looking for an authentic natural stone fireplace or a sleek contemporary patio, we’ll collaborate with you to create the perfect masonry element that fits your landscaping and matches your personal style.

High-Quality Materials

The basis of a stunning and long-lasting feature in masonry lies in how well the materials are used. We source only the best materials from reliable suppliers to ensure that your masonry project stands the test of time and appears beautiful for a long time to come.


Starting from the first design phase until the final finishing touches, we pay close attention to every single detail of your building project. If it’s cutting stone with precision and seamless mortar joints as well as intricate patterns We surpass your expectations to assure an impeccable final product that is more than you expected.

Timely completion

We recognize the importance of finishing projects on time and within budget. Our team works effectively and efficiently in order to guarantee that your project is completed quickly so that you can take advantage of your new outdoor space as quickly as you can.

Experience the Ben G. Landscaping Difference

We strive to offer additional exceptional masonry services in Chicago, IL, that increase the appeal and value of the property. If you’re a homeowner commercially managing a property in Chicago, IL, you can count on us to provide an exceptional payoff that surpasses your expectations. Contact us today for an appointment and experience the difference Ben G Landscaping can make for your outdoor space!

Our Comprehensive Masonry Services in Chicago, IL

Change the look of your living area outside by installing an individual patio designed to entertain, relax, and take in the natural beauty. You can choose to go with the timeless beauty of natural stone, or if you prefer the flexibility of pavers, our team will build an impressive patio that will enhance the beauty and utility of your garden.

Prevent soil erosion, design gardens with terraces, and create outdoor living spaces with an attractive and durable wall. Our skilled masons will create and build an attractive retaining wall that blends seamlessly into your landscape, as well as provide support for the structure and add aesthetic value.

The goal is to guide visitors through your landscaping to create an impression of flow with an elegantly designed pathway or walkway. If you like brick’s classic appeal, the rustic charm of flagstone, or the contemporary appearance of concrete, we’ll design a path that adds to the appeal and access to the outdoor area you have.

Enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space through the colder months by installing a custom-built fireplace or pit. Our skilled masons can make an outdoor flame pit or fireplace that acts as a central point for gathering together, relaxing, and adding warmth, as well as adding charm and ambiance to your garden.

Enjoy outdoor dining on a whole new level by installing an exclusive outdoor kitchen or grilling space. From cabinets and countertops to integrated grills and appliances, create a functional and attractive outdoor cooking area that lets you enjoy the benefits of the outdoor living experience.

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