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Landscaping Construction

At Ben G Landscaping our landscaping packages are available for newly built homes as well as for small and large renovations.


If you're on the market to pave a new pool surround, replace a walkway or a new driveway, then look no further than the paving contractors that Sydney has trusted for over 12 years, Ben G LandscapingElaborate the above feature and keep it precise so that it makes a single line to match up with the design.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great feature that will not only add to the aesthetic beauty of your home, but also to the value! On top of these excellent additions, retaining walls also protect your property from soil erosion. Retaining walls are a great way to make more out of your backyard, no matter the size.

Plant Selection

Plant selection is possibly the single most important aspect of a new landscape or garden renovation. We can set the mood of a garden by the style of planting utilised and can create new spaces and interesting views within a garden by thoughtful selection and positioning of plants.

Garden Maintenance

Garden care is more than just throwing the mower around or potting a few plants. If you want a garden that thrives and you’re sick of pull starting the mower, running out of petrol or watching your herbs and treasured plants wilt.

Pool Design

At Ben G Landscaping we are experts in swimming pool finishes and landscaping of surrounding areas. Be it for a new pool, existing pool or a full refurbishment.

Garden Makeover

Is your garden looking tired? Recently moved into a new property? Building a new home? Or been putting off starting that long awaited landscaping job? Your local Jim can help - services that will help get that garden looking great again


We understand what a lawn can add to the enjoyment of your home and the value of a property or development and we can assist you to select the right turf and then help it thrive with the right turf supplies.

Garden Design

Is your backyard lacking a bit of style? Do you have some empty spaces on your front lawn that needs filling with a little flair? Have you considered planting a garden to help break up the space and add value and aesthetic appeal to your home? If so then you need to talk with the friendly and professional staff at Ben G Landscaping.


If you're thinking about adding a new deck to your home, or you're thinking about replacing your old deck with something a little more stylish, think Ben G Landscaping. Ben G Landscaping are the people to see when it comes to all things decks and decking, we have over 20 years experience as structural landscapers and we know we will find a deck solution that is perfect for your individual needs.

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