Your local landscaping specialists based in Chicago, IL.

With a great experience in providing landscaping solutions, Ben G Landscaping is your trusted and professional team. We specialis in a number of services such as turfing, decking, retaining walls, low maintenance gardens and more. Putting our customers' needs first is the main priority, so we do everything we can to ensure communication is clear and that everyone is on the same page.


Due to the Alberta way of life, we believe garden design not only completes the architecture of the dwelling but it actually creates the areas of your house which you’ll use the most. At the forefront of Ben G Landscaping gardens is an appreciation for clean lines, quality materials, hardy creative planting schemes.

Initial Consultation:

Our Lanscaping Designer will come to your home and discuss your ideas and vision for your new garden. This actually takes around 60 mins and allows us to explore your goals, budget and key design elements. After this initial consultation you will receive a fee proposal to design your new garden.

Concept and Landscape Plan:

After you accept the fee proposal, we begin designing your garden. We like this stage to be a collaborative process between Ben G Landscaping Designers and our clients. It requires a few face to face meetings which gives us an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your objectives.

Next step, and after being totally happy with the concept plan, we provide you with the detailed landscape plans and documentation. Not all gardens require council approval, however if an application is needed we begin this process.

Construction Quote:

Finally we provide you with an itemised and detailed quotation based on your design. Ben G Landscaping is a landscape design and construction business, which means we price your project as we design it. This ensures your budget is respected the entire way through the process.

Garden Maintenance

When you engage Ben G Lanscaping, you will enjoy our amazing personal service and proven capabilities, backed up by our experts' experience. Once we understand what your garden needs, your expectations and the scope of work, we will create a tailored maintenance program and then positively enhance your garden over time to meet your long-term goals.

We currently service private residences, real estate agents, strata companies, councils and many schools in Chicago, IL.

Balcony Gardens

With the growing trend towards inner-city living, many people are living in apartments & townhouses. The traditional big backyard has been downsized to courtyards, balconies or rooftop gardens. Our balcony garden team can design & install a range of pots and balcony friendly plants for even the smallest of spaces.

A good design ensures a balcony garden or rooftop garden can be functional, stylish and most importantly: it lasts. The conditions up on a balcony are often completely different from down on the ground. That's why we like to think of balconies as their own ’microclimates’. We understand the complexities of things like restrictions of the weight, wind and balcony drainage.

Ben G Lanscaping Designers are the experts on small spaces such as balconies and rooftops gardens. We always have keen eye for detail and years of experience ensures your balcony garden is designed and installed to meet your objectives.